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Location:Limerick, Ireland
Migrated everything bar my entries from Livejournal.

I am now based in the University of Limerick as the person in charge of the electron microscopes. Have change my location to Ireland now but originally from Scotland as you will see from the mention of St Andrews.

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13th kingdom, arrested development, asoiaf, babylon 5, bacon brothers, battlestar galactica, bdo, bilko, bruce campbell, bruce willis, bubba hotep, charlie jade, china, classic films, comedy, cowboy bebop, craig ferguson, crime thrillers, crystal defects, crystallography, curb your enthusiasm, darts, dead like me, diffraction, drop dead diva, ebsd, electron back-scattered diffraction, electron diffraction, electron microscope, electron microscopes, electron microscopy, farscape, ferrets, films, firefly, forensics, fudan university, george r.r. martin, grrm, herbig brown eyes, hrtem, jag, judge advocate general, kenya, kevin bacon, kevin smith, kipsigis, lakeside, limerick, magnolia, mandarin, memory sorrow and thorn, musicals, nanowrimo, naruto, observational humour, odessey 5, paranoia agent, philip seymour hoffmann, quantum leap, rpg, samurai champaloo, scanning electron microscope, scanning electron microscopy, scifi, seinfeld, sem, sgt bilko, sharpe, song ice and fire, space: above and beyond, starbuck chronicles, strange luck, tad williams, tem, the phil silvers show, thinking, toni collette, transmission electron microscope, transmission electron microscopy, tru calling, twin defects, university of limerick, university of liverpool, university of st andrews, veronica mars, westerns, wonderfalls, writing
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